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About The Band

The DuBay Band is a live act from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. We have played music across the Golden Horseshoe in clubs, parks, outdoor events, festivals, weddings, mall rooftops, etc. We are available for hire for your special occasion!

 After being in a string of moderately successful bands throughout the 1970's, Claude Dube, a graduate of McMaster University, moved to Los Angeles in 1980 to pursue a music and song writing career. Rather quickly, he found himself playing the Hollywood circuit with the band 'London' (which eventually would spawn 'Motley Crue'). After 'London' disbanded, Claude partnered with Hollywood producer Ron Pane ('Minute Men', 'Dokken', 'Great White') and for 3 years he honed his production writing skills. The two went on to release an album and EP together.

 In 1985, Claude returned to Toronto with his family and regrouped with band mates and song writing partner Dennis Decker (lead guitar) brother Dan Dube (bass), Nicholas Holden (guitar/vocals), and discovered drummer Kevin Camilleri by auditions, thus forming DuBay. Since 1990, the band created and promoted through their own label, "Limozine Records", 8 original CDs and their singles, including 8 videos. The catalogue includes Bonjour, Emoceans, Take Note, Earth School. Drummer Pat Campion and bassist Peter Bellm stepped in for Bienvenue (a French CD), Movinon and Chronology. Over the course of the past 30 years, the Dubay band has performed to more than 50,000 people.

With the band's new drummer, Mauro Iacoboni, they released a CD/DVD, simply entitled, "MANKIND", featuring 11 DuBay original songs on CD and a DVD which showcases 3 new videos and a 25 year sample of videos and TV performances. This latest album was released on Saturday May 16th, at Stonewalls, in Hamilton and hosted by Michelle Dube of CTV News, Toronto. Always known for their live performance, DuBay performs a mix of original and classic rock cover songs. From Beatles to 5SOS, DuBay covers a six decades history of Rock music. The new album is a collaboration that speaks of Mankind, the species and the individual. With a sense of humour, DuBay presents the joys, hardships and technological wonders that are part of longer living today, all wrapped in an environmentally green message.












* Upcoming shows in 2019 *

Saturday, May 25th at Delta Secondary School
at 1:30 p.m. on an outside stage
(After 95 years they are closing)


Saturday June 8th at a private party

Saturday July 12th at Bobbies Bar and Grill
2965 Homestead Dr, Mount Hope 

8p.m. until midnight

Bobbies Bar and Grill


Saturday September 28th, private party

Friday, November 1st, 7p.m. until 10p.m.

Come see us at "The Wing"

The Wing Bar

Located in Mount Hope at

  3210 Homestead Dr.



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Our videos all can be seen here or on the YouTube link below.

Privacy is dead on YouTube

In an instant on YouTube

Solar Fusion on YouTube

It's Hockey Night on YouTube

Do You Believe on YouTube

O Canada on YouTube

Elevator Man

Into My Life on YouTube

Autumn Fantasy on YouTube


This is a current list of our cover songs.

5 Seconds Of Summer- What I Like About You

Badfinger- No Matter What

Beach Boys- Surfin' USA

Beatles- All My Loving

Beatles- Birthday

Beatles- Hard Days Night

Beatles- Help

Beatles- I Saw Her Standing There

Beatles- I Want To Hold Your Hand

Beatles- Seventeen

Beatles- She Loves You

Beatles- Hey Jude

Beegees- I Gotta Get A Message

Ben E. King- Stand By Me

Bill Haley- Rock Around The Clock

Billy Idol- Mony Mony

Billy Idol- White Wedding

Black Keys- Lonely Boy

Blue Rodeo- Till I Am Myself Again

Blue Rodeo- Try

BTO- Takin' Care Of Business

Chris Isaak- Wicked Game

Chuck Berry- Johnny Be Good

Eagles- Take It Easy

Electric Light Orchestra- Roll Over Beethoven

Elvis- All Shook Up

Elvis- Jailhouse Rock, Bluesuede Shoes

Guess Who- No Time

Johnny Rivers- Secret Agent Man

Killers- All These Things I've Done

Led Zeppelin- Rock And Roll

Lonestar- Amazed

Lynrd Skynrd- Sweet Home Alabama

Michael Buble- Home

Monkees-Im A Believer

Neil Diamond- Sweet Caroline

Pretty Reckless- Take Me Down

Queen- Crazy Little Thing

Queen- We Will Rock You

Rolling Stones- Miss You

Rolling Stones- Satisfaction

Rolling Stones- Brown Sugar

Roy Orbison- Pretty Woman

Roy Orbison- You Got It

Smashmouth- Walkin' On The Sun

Steppenwolf- Born To Be Wild

Third Eye Blind- Semi Charmed Life

Tom Petty- Mary Jane

Tommy Tutone- Jenny (8675309)

Tragically Hip- Ahead By A Century

Tragically Hip- New Orleans Is Sinking

Tragically Hip- Courage

Van Morrison- Brown Eyed Girl

ZZ Top- Sharp Dressed Man

ZZ Top- Gimme All Your Lovin'

Dubay's version of- "O CANADA"


Hover over any one of our albums to view the songlist and to purchase.




1-Fly Away 2-Once Again

3-My Michelle 4-Justin Daniel

5-True Friends 6-Gotta Have That Girl

7-Diehard 8-Keep Running

9-Living On The Edge 10-Harley Heart




1-World's On Fire 2-Take A Chance

3-Ocean Of Tears 4-Ghost In Studio B

5-Into My Life 6-How Many Words

7-Hurdles 8-So Long California



take note

1-She Talks It Out 2-Together

3-Guardian Angel 4-I'll Be There

5-Minds That See 6-Soul Mates

7-Four Bright Eyes 8-The Secret

9-We're In Love 10-Sounds In A New Way

11-Ma Mere 12-Epilogue



earth school
Listen to and purchase this album here!

1-Spiritual Quest 2-Internet Dot Com

3-You Are The Reason 4-Elevator Man

5-Max 6-Peaceful Warrior

7-Alone 8-Millenium

9-Calling You Up 10-Earth School




1-L'Homme d'Ascenseur 2-Bienvenue

3-Je Me Sens Bien Aupres de Toi 4-Solutions

5-Ma Mere 6-La Quete Spirituelle

7-L'Ecole Mondiale



Listen to and purchase this album here!

1-Wouldn't You 2-Once Upon A Time

3-Move 4-There Must Be Love

5-You Never Loved Me 6-Blind Date

7-Cactus 8-Ghost

9-Deluxe 10-Real Lovin'

11-I Need More 12-O Canada



Listen to and purchase this album here!

1-Do You Believe 2-O Canada

3-It's Hockey Night 4-There Must Be Love

5-You Never Loved Me 6-Ghost

7-Bienvenue 8-L'Homme D'Ascenseur

9-You Are The Reason 10-Max

11-Spiritual Quest 12-I'll Be There

13-Minds That See 14-Into My Life

15-Ocean Of Tears 16-Diehard

17-My Michelle 18-Harley Heart



Mankind CD
Listen to and purchase this album here!

1-Privacy is dead, 2-Instant

3-Soular fusion 4-If

5-My girl is gone 6-Green

7-You are the only one 8-Sweet baby

9-Mankind 10-Can't stop me

11-Wedding song


Limozine Records is a Canadian owned record company based out of Ontario, Canada.

If you are interested in more information regarding Limozine Records please contact us below.


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